From the subject-specific "Excellence Programs" to the "General Management Program" to the "MBA", all programs are set up part-time and consider future challenges and growth opportunities in sports business. Cooperations with leading institutions and companies from the industry ensure an optimal exchange between academia and industry practice.

The degree and non-degree programs are organised in a modular fashion. Individual modules build on one another and can be combined to suit. ECTS credit points are awarded for all modules.

We limit the number of students to 30. SPOAC defined its criteria for approving individual study paths to ensure the highest possible quality participants within the group. You will find these criteria in the individual offers. 


General Management Program in Sports Business (GMP)

The General Management Program in Sports Business is the core program offered at SPOAC. This course has been newly developed by SPONSORs and WHU, and is geared towards the requirements of the modern sports manager.


WHU Part-Time MBA Sports Business Track (MBA)

The WHU Part-Time MBA Sports Business Track is an internationally-recognised general management degree programme with an in-depth module on sports business that corresponds with the General Management Programme in Sports Business. Strong emphasis is placed on the development of comprehensive leadership skills.

Excellence Programs (EP)

The subject-specific Certificate courses allow individuals from the various different fields within the sports business industry to specialise in a specific area. Courses offerd in 2017 will be "Leadership", "Entrepreneurship" and "Internationalization"



WHU Brain Capital GmbH offers SPOAC students the opportunity to enter into a “reversed generation contract”, which means that no tuition fees are due during their studies. In return, they commit to making income-dependent repayments after graduating. All students are thus able to attain their individual career goals, regardless of their financial background.


Participation in this financing model yields several benefits:


Download key documents such as the image brochure and study guide here.

What is SPOAC?

Find out more about the SPOAC here: our mission, who and what is behind our concept, and which advanced and further training courses are available.

Details of the General Management Program

The study brochure brings together all key information on the contents of the „General Management Program in Sports Business“.